Authors are invited to submit original unpublished research work that demonstrates the recent advances in the following areas of interest, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Civil Engineering
Building Energy Conservation & Green Architecture
Advances in Structural Engineering
IoT Application in Civil Engineering Construction
Coastal Structure and Offshore Engineering
Structural Monitoring, Control, Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening of Structures
Environment Friendly Construction and Development
Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
Earth Science and Earthquake Engineering
Geotechnical Techniques and Geo Informatics
Water Resource Engineering
Track 2: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Power Generation, Transmission, Power Quality, Stability and FACTS
Power Market and Power System Economics
Application of Power Electronics in the area of Energy, Conservation and Automotive applications
Power System Stability
Artificial Intelligence in Power System, Neurofuzzy and GA based applications.
Power Conversion and Energy Management
Energy Conservation
HVDC Transmission and Electric Drives
Energy Storage Devices
High Voltage Engineering
Power System Protection, Operation and Control and SCADA/PLC System.
Digital Control of Industrial Process and Industrial Automation.
Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources
Control Engineering and Computational Techniques
Remote Sensing, Telemetry, Instrumentation, Signal processing and Nano-Technology
Track 3: Mechanical Engineering & Mining Engineering
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
Paradigm Shift caused by Robotics and AI
Advances in Rotor Dynamics
Composite and Hard Materials
Functional and Smart Materials
Nano Materials
Industry 4.0
Industrial IoT
Additive Manufacturing
Reverse Manufacturing
Energy Storage / Conversion / Management
Electric Vehicles
Tract 4: Electronics and Communication Engineering
Signal Processing
Image & Video Signal Processing
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
DSP Algorithms & Architectures
Radar Signal Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Communication Theory & Systems
Wireless, Cellular communication, Vehicular communication
Cognitive Radio, Communications & Networks
Design of 4G & 5G Systems
Antennas / Microwave
Wave Propagation
Antenna arrays
Antenna measurements 4G & 5G antennas
Emerging trends in Microwave, Microwave RF design
Embedded & VLSI
Analog, Digital & Mixed Signal Design
Low power design
Device modeling & Simulation
Embedded systems design
MEMS & NEMS Design
VLSI design using FPGA
Track 5: Computer Science and Engineering & Information Technology
Adhoc and Sensor Networks
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Blockchain Technology
Cloud Analytics
Cloud Automation
Cloud Management Platforms
Cloud Reliability
Computer Security, Privacy and Trust
Computer Vision
Data Analytics
Data Warehousing and Mining Techniques
Deep Learning and its applications
Distributed Computing
Ethical Hacking
Hybrid Clouds and their Integration
Internet of Things
Machine Learning & its applications
Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
Network Architectures
Network Operations & management
Network Protocols & Wireless Networks
Neural Networks
Next Generation Web Architectures
Routing, Switching and Addressing techniques
Ubiquitous Networks
Wireless Multimedia Systems
Track 6: Master of Business Administration
Digital Marketing
Virtual Marketing
Advertising and Sales Promotion
Trends and Innovations in Retailing
Green Marketing
Social Media Marketing - Impact on Society
Human Resource Management
HR Audit
Emotional Intelligence
Corporate Social Responsibility
Stress Management
Competency Mapping
Compensation and Reward management
Global Financing and Risk Management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Portfolio Optimization and Management
Disinvestment in PSUs- Impact on Indian Economy
Trends in corporate Finance
Mutual Fund Industry
Entrepreneurial Behaviours in millennial age
Women Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship- Innovations in Industries
Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
Recent Trends In Startup Management
Entrepreneurship - Government schemes in India
Other Management Areas
Corporate governance
Management practices for sustainable Development
Management strategies and Artificial Intelligence Era
Change management and Industry 4.0
Total Quality Management
Reforms of Business Environment in the current scenario of Indian Economy
** Papers in other relevant area are also welcome **

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